Pinel Island

Pinel Island lies in Orient Bay, access is via boats that run from Cul de Sac. Some of the watersport concessions on Orient Beach also will drop you off on Pinel Is.and return at a set time to pick you up.

There are beautiful sandy beaches on the island and it is also worth to take some hiking shoes and hike to the two deserted beaches on the opposite side.

There is are three restaurants on the island, the Le Karabuni, who specialise in lobster (tel. 06 90 39 67 00) The Yellow Beach restaurant (tel. 06 90 33 88 33 / 05 90 77 15 00) who have a BBQ and Up on the Key (tel. 0690-77-35-47) There is also the island style Paradisio Gift Shop that specialises in beautiful pareos.

Pinel is often called St Martins best kept secret and has always been popular with locals. The main beach is not clothes optional. Although it is a different story if you hike (only a 5-10 minute walk) over to one of the deserted beaches.
So, don't forget to take along some sneakers and snorkeling gear.

Welcome to the Yellow Beach Restaurant and jetty on Pinel Is.

To visit Pinel from French Cul the Cac. Follow the road to Cul de Sac until you arrive at the end. From here you can catch a ferryboat over. The cost is you $6 p/p. roundtrip. First boat leaves at around 9am and last boat brings you back at 4pm.

Click on images below to enlarge. Most of the images below were taken about 8 years ago. Not that much has changed. The island is still as beautiful as ever.

Pinel Island St. Martin.

Pinel island St Martin

back beach looking towards Tintamarre island

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pinel island st martin

on the beach

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beach at the back of pinel island

Take your walking shoes. That's Tintamarre Is. in the background.

Island boutique on Pinel Island

table for lunch

Beach  restaurant on Pinel Island

Boat Dock at Cul de Sac, St Martin

All aboard the Pinel Island ferryboat

Ferry dock at Cul de Sac

The old dock at Cul de Sac

Pinel Is. wide view)

Beach restaurant on Pinel Isand