The view looking towards Tintamarre Is. (left) Orient Bay and Baie de l'Embouchure

Pic Paradis (Paradise Peak)

The highest point on the island is 424m at Pic Paradis. The peak is accessable by road which doubles as a hiking trail.

The climate of St Martin is basically dry, except for Pic Paradis which receives a lot more rain than down on the lowlands. On the way up the vegetation gets thicker the higher you climb. The air gets a little cooler also so it's a good place to live, you'll see some beautiful homes one the way.  Once at the top there are some great views of Orient Bay, Orleans, Philipsburg, Marigot and Simpson Bay Lagoon.

A free map is available from the tourist office for those who'd like to do some serious hiking. There are trails leading from Pic paradis to Orient Bay, Orleans and the Dutch side of the island.

The road to Pic Paradis is just past the turnoff to Columbier.

View from Pic paradis overlooking Orleans (French Quarter)