Marigot is the capital of French St Martin. There are numerous good restaurants, cafe's and an excellent array of boutiques with fashions straight out of Paris. The town is distinctly French with a touch of Creole around the edges.

Marigot is split into two areas that are of interest to tourists. Firstly the harborfront which has the public market and souvenir stalls which are well worth a visit. Try to get there in the morning. Near the markets are plently of restaurants serving local food. Further along are numerous open air bars and restaurants. Across the road is the dock for ferries to Anquilla and also St Barts. The area is busy during the day and when night falls the diners move into what appears to one large outdoor restaurant.

Overlooking the harborfront in Marigot, St Martin.

Haitian art at the Marigot markets

Market stalls in Marigot. The best mornings to visit the markets are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Across the street from the Anquilla ferry terminal you will find a new building which is the Le West Indies Shopping Mall. This houses 22 designer stores, a spa, beauty salon, and a restaurant.

A few blocks away is the modern Port La Royale Marina. Here you'll find fashion boutiques and restaurants set around a marina. Take a seat in a cafe and order an expresso or glass of Beaujolaise Villages and just people watch. Ah! The pleasures of a vacation.

Street scene in Margot, St Martin FWI
Street scene, Marigot.

The image above was taken about 10 years ago. These older West Indian style buildings with fancy fret work and second floor balconies are fast making way for the new.

Like the Simpson Bay Lagoon, (in the bachground) Marigot is a popular and safe anchorage.