Grand Case

The people of Grand Case once scratched a living from the sea, fishing, harvesting salt and relied on goats, sweet potatoes and plantains for their dinner.

That changed when toursits started arriving on St Martin. The main street of Grand Case quickly filled with French restaurants. The village became the gourmet capital of St Martin.

But the village still retains its character. The old time Caribbean fishing village atmosphere still exists. Below are pictures of the main street. Click on each image to enlarge.

Grand Case a quite place during the day but quickly livens up once the lights go on and the restaurants open their doors. There are restaurants for all tastes and credit card color.

Even if you just want an after dinner drink, coffee or ice cream there are plenty of bars, cafe's and ice creameries. Or a informal and inexpensive, casual dinner of local style BBQ, chicken, ribs or lobster served on a plastic.

If you're in town for fine dining there's traditional French Cuisine at the Auberge Gourmande (tel. 87 73 37) or the Bistrot Caraibes (tel. 29 08 29) or the L'Hibiscus (tel. 29 17 91). The Blue Martini restaurant serves dinner in a restaurant or garden setting, also occassionally live music is featured later in the evening. 

If a waterview is necessary try the Le Tastivin (tel. 87 5545) or the Le Escapade for live lobster. For a touch of Italy there's the Il Nettuno (tel. 87 77 38) and next door the Le Soleil (tel. 87 92 32)

For a pizza overlooking the water, try the La California (tel. 87 99 54) For breakfast and lunch with a waterviewthere's the newly reopened  Rainbow Cafe.

This is only a small sample of all the restaurants, cafes and bars in Grand Case.

The images below were taken on Bastile Day when the locals get out their traditionally built wooden sail boats to participate in an annual race day. It's a tradition that goes back a long way. If you're in St Martin on Bastile day find yourself a table at one of the many beach restaurants, sit back over lunch with a bottle of wine and watch the fun.